Colour Consultancy

When not sure on which colour to pick for your project, talk to us!

Unfortunately it’s easy to pair the wrong colours together.

Working closely with fully qualified interior designers, we are able help pick the colour schemes for your project. With their expert knowledge of the latest trends and timeless colour shemes they can help your project come to life inside and out, and having it look greater than ever.
Whether you have a new build that needs a full colour consultation, or you want to overhaul the colour scheme in your existing home, this service will work for you.

To help you get the great look you want, a designer will meet you where is suitable. Usually at the home or project you are wanting to transform. This consultation usually takes around 2-3 hours depending on the size. After the consultation you will be supplied with a full report so you are able to carry on with full confidence and enjoy watching your project transform.